Ah, Berlin. A city steeped in history, pulsating with culture, and… full of delicacies of all sorts and origins! But before you pack your stretchy pants, we need to have a real talk: traditional Berlin food isn’t exactly known for being vegan or diet-friendly. While the city’s traditional dishes tend to be heavy on meat and carbs, there’s something for everyone to savor, including vegans and dietary-conscious travelers. (Are you a vegan or vegetarian? See our extra tip at the end of the article!) 


  1. Berliner Donuts:


    Forget Dunkin’. These fluffy, deep-fried spheres of joy are filled with jam, custard, or prune marmalade, then dusted with powdered sugar. While not vegan in their classic form, many bakeries offer vegan or vegetarian versions filled with fruit jams or plant-based creams.


  2. Döner:


    doner kebab, doner

    Image source: Kebab with Attitude

    This Turkish import has become a beloved Berlin staple. Layers of spiced, roasted meat tucked into warm pita bread with fresh veggies and creamy sauce create an explosion of flavor. And believe it or not, vegan döner exists! Many stands offer delicious plant-based alternatives, often made with seitan or falafel.


  3. Eisbein:


    Eisbein, german foods, german cuisine

    Image source: tasteatlas.com

    Calling all carnivores! This dish features a giant pork knuckle braised to tender perfection, often served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. Definitely not vegan, but a must-try for meat lovers.


  4. Bretzel:


    bretzel, pretzel, top 5 foods to try in Berlin

    Photo by Pierre Gui

    These twisted, golden-brown beauties are perfect for snacking on the go. Traditionally dipped in mustard, they’re a delightful combination of salty and doughy. Most pretzels are vegan-friendly, just check for ingredients like butter or egg wash. Gluten-free options are becoming increasingly available for everyone to enjoy.


  5. Currywurst:


    currywurst, german foods, top foods to try in Berlin

    Photo by Mirko Fabian

    Berlin’s iconic street food: grilled sausage doused in a sweet-savory curry ketchup, sprinkled with curry powder, and often paired with fries. Several stands offer vegan sausages, and some even have their own vegan currywurst sauce.


But wait, there’s more! While the options above might not be suitable for everyone, Berlin is a haven for dietary inclusivity. Hundreds of vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes cater to every taste and preference. You can even find vegan versions of classic dishes like schnitzel and döner! And for gluten-free friends, numerous bakeries and cafes are offering delicious alternatives.

Tip: you can research vegan cafes and restaurants using our interactive recommendations.

So, come with an open mind and an empty stomach, because Berlin’s culinary scene has something for everyone. From indulging in traditional specialties to exploring the vibrant vegan and gluten-free options, you’re going to need those stretchy pants!