Guided bike tours for youth groups

Joyful learning

Get well informed & impressed in short time whilst enjoying an activity in fresh air

Safety first

Established in 2008 and since doing classes.
Experienced guides & helmets for free

Central meeting point

Departure from Nikolaiviertel – only 5 mins. walking from Alexanderplatz


Active & extensive
Bike tours offer a relaxing way of exploring. Avoid traffic jams and breathe fresh air! It’s so much more fun than walking or a bus tour.

Enjoyable & instructive
Our sympathetic and capable guides speak your language. Our goal ist to convey the essences of Berlin on a high level but entertaining manner.

Safe & relaxed
Trust in our more than 10 years of experience: trained guides, carefully chosen routes, helmets for free & separation into smaller groups.

Contents for various interests
All you need to see in just 2,5 hrs: if sightseeing highlights, historical locations from the Wall and Nazi times or the hip Berlin of today.

Central meeting point
Our headquarter in the Nikolaiviertel is easy to reach & the perfect spot for your departure. Here we’ve got plenty of bikes of all sizes on offer.

And if it rains?
In general Berlin pleases us with good weather. But we are prepared for inconvenient conditions. We supply rain ponchos or offer an alternative walking tour under the umbrella.

See Berlin from a different angle & book your group bike tour now!

    Please tell us about: Date of tour? Start time? Which tour? No. of participants? Combining tours? Extending or reducing time? Delivery of bikes and/or special bike requests?