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Do I have to book in advance?

Are the tours suitable for kids?

How is payment supposed to be done?

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Tours Departure Point & Bike Rental

Poststrasse 11
10178 Berlin

Within the Nikolaiviertel infront of the church.
Only 5 mins. from TV-Tower at Alexanderplatz

Buro mit Samy e1581590369465
Gruppe Nikolaikirche kleiner e1575108949717


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S-Bahn / Urban train:
Alexanderplatz (8 mins. walking)
S3, S5, S7, S9 & regional train

U-Bahn / Underground:
Rotes Rathaus (3 mins.) U5
Klosterstrasse (5 mins.) U2
Alexanderplatz (8 mins.) U2, U5, U8

Spandauer Str. / Marienkirche (5 mins.)
100, 200, 245
Berliner Rathaus (3 mins.)
200, 300
Jüdenstrasse (5 mins.)

Spandauer Str. / Marienkirche (5 mins.)
M4, M5, M6

Parking spaces*:
Grunerstrasse, Klosterstr., Rolandufer
(5 mins. / fee-based)
*The Nikolaiviertel is a pedestrian's area

Frequently Asked Questions

If you join a tour or simply go on your own: There is no better way to explore the German capital than by bike. Berlin is vast, quite flat and offers a good cycling infrastructure. Don't waste your time by walking or getting intro traffic jams with a bus. Breathe fresh air instead and enjoy quiet side streets, cycle paths or beautiful passages along the waterfronts to connect the many centres of the city quicker. You'll be surprised how green the German capital is and how enjoyable to discover it from a different angle. Speaking of our tours, you can rely on our carefully chosen routes and entertaining guides, who will make your visit to Berlin unforgettable.

Of course not! We offer a large selection of easy-running bikes in all sizes at our meeting point & bike rental. You are going to pick it right before your tour starts. The bikes are constantly checked and maintained by experienced mechanics. Anyway you can bring your own bike to participate and save 5 €.

Booking in for a daily public tour in advance is not a must, but highly recommended. The number of participants is limited and a prior booking helps us to organize the different tours. To reserve spontaneously often works, but to do it one or two days in advance would be ideal. Here you can book in for our daily tours.

Bookings for daily public tours can be cancelled until 48 hours before the tour starts.

Basically our tours have failed rarily due to bad weather. Showers are usually short-lived and if we are unlucky, we can shelter for a moment or stop at a nice café. Additionally, the guide will provide rain ponchos.

If you've booked a tour which can not take place (due to an official weather warning e. g.), we will do everything not to waste your time. We can move the tour to another date or alternatively do a walking tour (umbrellas are available in sufficient numbers). To react spontaneously it's quite helpful to get your mobile telephone number.

Daily public tours can be paid online during the booking process by Credit or Debit Card, PayPal or bank transfer. If you signed up via phone or E-Mail, you can pay upon arrival via card or PayPal. Our prices.

Our daily public tours are planned to done without a break. Eating something in advance would be helpful. If you have booked a private group tour, of course we can arrange short breaks though. Regarding toilets we have to admit Berlin doesn't offer many public ones, unfortunately. But as we don't want you to explode, our guides will know where to stop, if neccessary.

To be honest: Yes, a bike tour requires some activity from your side. But it's still much less tiring than a walking tour. With our smooth-running bikes we can carry out the tour at a relaxing pace. Not to forget that we will stop at sites of interest every 5 to 10 minutes. In the end you'll feel better than before. Promise!

Not necessarily. It's up to you. Helmets are not mandatory, but naturally they increase safety. We will provide them for free on request.

Without a question, bike tours in Berlin are a joyful experience for families. The kids should have some practice though. The tours 1 and 3 are suitable for all ages. Due to their contents the other tours are rather recommended for passengers, who are at least 16 years old. Participating for younger ones is possible though.

We offer a large selection of bikes in all general sizes (wheel-size between 20 and 28 inches). Take a closer look: Bike Rental. Our bike fleet is checked and maintained regularly by a team of experienced mechanics. The average age of our bikes is one to two years. If you've got special needs like kids bikes or trailer bikes or a child seat, we kindly ask you to let us know in advance. Thank you!

Yes, they do. The baskets in the bag offer the chance to carry small bags, water bottles or jackets e. g. All bigger items you can store safely in our office during your tour.

We don't want to mislead you: Most of our tour guides have grown up in a divided or post Cold-War-Berlin. They have witnessed what it means to live here. Since then, Berlin has a worldwide reputation for being a tolerant, libertarian and free city. When we were searching for an appropriate name we came up with 'Free Berlin'. It's simple, catchy and understandable for everyone. Additionally it is perfectly describing, what you'll get to feel on our tours.

During the season between March and November generally we are open daily from 9:00 - 18:00 hours. Calls, which come in when we are closed or during our lunch breaks, we will list and answer as soon as possible. You can always write a short mail, too. During Winter we are not open permanently. Nevertheless it's still possible to contact us or do a tour on request.

Well... Our guides all look dazzling and are bursting with charm. It's only natural to fall head over heels with him or her. So, if you are single and interested in one of our tour guides, do not be shy and let us know! We will forward your request then discreetly to your guide. Our Team