Sure, snapping a pic at the Brandenburg Gate is a must, but Berlin’s real magic unfolds beyond the tourist trail. While our authentic bike tours are perfect for exploring the city, you shouldn’t miss out on what else Berlin has to offer!

We’ve asked our tour guides to share their secret favorites, the spots that you’re likely to overlook on your own!

Step Back in Time: A Dive into Berlin History

  • GDR Museum:

    Forget dusty exhibits. This interactive museum throws you into life behind the Iron Curtain. Drive a (pretend) Trabant, hack Stasi phones (virtually, of course), and experience everyday life in East Germany.


  • Potsdam’s Fairytale Escape:

    Channel your inner royalty at the opulent Sanssouci Palace, surrounded by sprawling gardens and stunning Rococo architecture. Don’t forget to snap a pic by the iconic vineyard!


  • Topography of Terror:

    Confront the darker chapters of Berlin’s past at this haunting site, the former Gestapo HQ. Explore the chilling remains and delve into the mechanisms of Nazi terror.


  • Alte Münze:

    Ever wondered how money is made? This former mint-turned-cultural hub has exhibitions on all things coins and finance, but it’s also got cool concerts, theater shows, and a cute cafe in the courtyard for chilling. Think history with a hipster twist.

Berlin’s Creative Hubs:

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Photo by S. Widua

  • Uferhallen:

    Feeling artsy? Dive into Berlin’s creative scene at these old industrial halls by the river. You’ll find galleries showcasing fresh talent, experimental performances that push boundaries, and workshops where you can get your own hands dirty.


  • Haus des Rundfunks:

    Ever wondered how radio shows are made? Take a peek behind the scenes at this historic broadcasting HQ! Explore old studios, learn about media and communication, and soak up the Art Deco vibes. It’s like stepping into a classic movie (but way cooler).


  • RAW Gelände:

    Immerse yourself in the city’s alternative art scene at this former industrial complex. Walk through galleries showcasing avant-garde art, lose yourself in vintage treasures at flea markets, and fuel up with craft beers at trendy bars. Big chance to discover unique finds!


Exhibitions yet exciting: Overlooked Berlin Museums

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Photo by Nk Ni

  • Spy Museum:

    Unleash your inner Bond at this interactive museum. Crack codes, explore historical spy gadgets, and learn how to blend in (ethically, of course). Remember, these skills are for entertainment purposes only!


  • Futurium:

    Ditch the fortune teller, gaze into the future instead! This place is packed with cool tech, mind-blowing ideas, and exhibits that let you design your dream city. Explore Explore what tomorrow holds while playing with robots and AI.


  • Deutschland Museum:

    Think science museums are snooze-fests? Think again! This one’s got vintage steam engines, robots that do flips, and enough hands-on stuff to keep you entertained for hours.


  • Museum of Illusions:

    Get ready to have your brain tricked! This place is full of mind-bending illusions, wacky rooms that make you feel upside down, and enough optical fun to leave you questioning reality (in a good way, of course). Fun guaranteed!


Places to Unwind:

  • Tempelhofer Feld:

    Breathe in the fresh air at this former airport-turned-sprawling park. Walk along the old runways, picnic on the vast meadows, or people-watch and soak up the sun. No boarding pass required, just good vibes.


  • Tiergarten:

    Escape the urban jungle and step into Tiergarten, Berlin’s biggest city park. Stroll through peaceful gardens, rent a paddleboat for a scenic lake cruise, or climb the Siegessäule column for breathtaking city views. Nature therapy at its finest.


  • Klunkerkranich:

    Escape the ordinary at this rooftop haven atop a former parking garage. Sip craft brews, soak in panoramic city views, and catch live music under the Berlin sky. It’s the city’s secret garden, minus the actual gardening.


  • Mauerpark:

    A place where Sundays turn into block parties. Witness the vibrant community spirit at Mauerpark’s weekly flea market and music fest. A must-visit place for vintage gems, meeting street musicians, and being social. 


Insider Tips from Local Berliners:

  • Staatsbibliothek Unter den Linden:

    This neo-baroque beauty is a feast for the eyes. Capture stunning Instagram-worthy shots amidst the grand architecture and impressive book collection. It’s like stepping into a storybook.

  • Beyond the Wall:

    The East Side Gallery is iconic, but if you venture further along the Berlin Wall Trail, you’ll discover hidden sections adorned with thought-provoking murals, each a poignant reminder of the city’s divided past.

  • Local Food:

    Explore authentic Berlin flavors beyond the schnitzel-heavy restaurants. Sample the city’s signature sour Berliner Weisse beer at a cozy pub, indulge in a juicy currywurst from a street stall, or get yourself a hearty meal at a traditional Gaststätte.


Ready to see what Berlin has to offer?

Firstly, we recommend getting to know the most iconic landmarks on our bike tour! Cover more ground, get an entertaining introduction to the city from our tour guides, and save yourself some time for exploring the other sides of Berlin. Check out the selection of our tours here