In a little prefab backyard in the historical heart of the German capital...
... a place entwined with geraniums, oleander and tomatoes.

It all began in the year 2008 when the young and hungry Robert had neither the motivation to hang out in university for another year nor to apply for a real job. He began with seven rusty bikes, hand-copied flyers and great dreams. Alone in front of Berlin's most important landmark: The Brandenburg Gate. At this time nobody had an idea that this was the birth of a company with more than 140 modern bikes that bravely challenges the big ones in town.

More than 20 local bike-maniacs today are Free Berlin. Many know each other for years already and in the garden-office are ideas discussed and new concepts developed. Everyone adds their two cents; everyone is jointly responsible for the content of his tour. This is how our tours become personalized and guarantee a high quality. Our special care is off course on the bikes. The Free Berlin repair & maintenance crew has a reputation to consider. Our chief engineer Stefan repairs everything - up till a steam engine.

We love our city and feel at home on the streets of Berlin. On our tours we want to communicate exactly that feeling. None of our tours are by the book, because you - our guests - are as diverse as we are versatile. So we can offer exactly what we promise: