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Bike Tour 2: Vibes of Berlin the alternative tour

Areas covered:
Kreuzberg &

Departure: 2:24 pm
(Mon, Wed, Fri-Sun)
Duration: appx. 3 hrs
Distance: appx. 17 km

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Take a ride on the wild side! Get under the surface and experience the most vibrant parts of the city. Meet hipsters & party-people, squatters & property sharks. This tour takes you to the fascinating areas of Kreuzberg & Friedrichshain. We go along Spree River and the famous Eastside Gallery too. This one is our bestseller.

What to see?

- Vibrant neighborhoods
- Great panorama on the river
- Multicultural streetlife
- Guerilla architecture
- Project Mediaspree:
  once a wasteland... club culture...
  ...tomorrow skyscrapers?


- Spree banks & Eastside Gallery
- Treehouse On The Wall
- Project Mediaspree
- "Little Istanbul"
- The world's first Carloft
- Germany's biggest open-air-weed-supermarket

The FREE-BERLIN-CONCEPT: The guide can design his tour freely. Route plan may differ.


    Guided bike tour through Kreuzberg & Friedrichshain (hipsterland) +49 (0)30 2870 4492

  • Project Mediaspree


    Once a playground for techno-freaks, today home to MTV & Universal.

  • Little Istanbul


    Squatting, smell of kebaps and Street Art: simply Kotti!

  • The Party Bridge a.k.a. Admiralbrücke


    Party people vs. local residents: Who owns the city?

  • Görlitzer Park


    See what happens when the Green Party rules: kids, drugs & Rock'n Roll!